It’s Christmas Eve. How do you feel? Are you balancing work and play, friends, family, personal time, finances and health? This year, for me, has been one of the hardest of my life, yet as 2007 comes to a close I feel stronger and clearer and brighter. In one week I will arrive in Barcelona, Spain, but before I land on another continent I continue to cherish holiday moments here. I’ve been blessed to enjoy abundance in resources and time shared with loved ones.

Have you considered reinventing the holiday season… I appreciate ritual and tradition. I value celebration and the chance to honor particular circumstances. I enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Yet like many of those near and dear, I don’t practice any form of organized religion, and I question the mass marketing consumerism which has become the plague of American holidays.

My questions to you – What did you do this year that brings you joy? What are your holiday traditions? How are they meaningful? Have you done anything different this year from others?

How would the Christmas holiday season look to you if you had it your way? How would it feel? Are you interested to create change?

To all who I was so fortunate to share holiday festivities with – Thank YOU!!! I am grateful for your presence in my life. For those whose paths did not cross – I know we will share something beautiful in 2008. May the remainder of 2007 be filled with grace and 2008 bless you with unexpected delights!!!