January 2008

Mending the Tattered Web of my Heart the World
I am mending
the tattered web of my heart, the world,
with plush emerald yarn of compassion and generosity.
I darn holes torn of blame and judgment
with soft and sturdy strands of kindness and understanding.
May I repair jagged rips
torn by despair and grief
with braided grasses of gratitude
and deep purple reeds of acceptance
of things as they are.
And where anger and fear
burned gaping holes,
may I reweave
with golden threads of forgiveness,
gleaming copper cords of courage,
and strong silver strands of trust
in the mysterious and holy unfolding
of what is greater than I can know.To strengthen
this web of my heart, the world,
I send out these healing threads,
to anyone who needs them,
anyone at all
in this whole world.

~ Mara 2006
We’Moon 2008


What are your favorite products, places and people? What makes your life easier? What makes it feel richer and more vibrant? When do your eye’s light up and ideas begin to flow? What inspires you? Here are a few simple and current favorites that have brought a sparkle MY eyes and warmth to warmth to these winter days:

1. Jeremy and Jamie’s Vegan Living Blog – clearlyvegan.wordpress.com

2. My Mountain Hardwear winter parka – backcountry.com

3. Gaucin, Andalucia, Espana – gaucin.com

4. Barcelona’ s Chic and Basic Taller Hostal – chicandbasic.com

5. My new phone – Motorazr2 V9 – wireless.att.com

6. NAU Clothing Company – nau.com

7. Swiss Airports, Swiss products, Swiss Air – swiss.com

8. Petzl Zipka Headlamp – rei.com

9. Sark – planetsark.com

10. Free Rice – freerice.com

Back in Barcelona. After leaving Mallorca Thursday we flew to Malaga, bussed along the coast through Marbella to Estepona. We enjoyed an afternoon on the promenade eating bocadillos and gazing at the Mediterranean. As the sun was setting we hopped in a truck with Sebastian Fisher – lovely friend of friend – who whisked us away to his family villa in the mountains near Gaucin. Spectacular!!! Tiny white washed villages perched on percarious cliffs, rocky faces, scrub brush, sheep, goats, cork oaks, olive groves, carob trees. Much of the south of Spain we have seen reminds us of California. From Gaucin 4 hours by train to Granada. The Alhambra, The Albaicin, the Sierra Nevadas… And today back to Barcelona. There are so many details – So much to say… Computer time is minimal and precious – used to book the next lodging and leg of our journey. Jess leaves on Thursday….  What then?!

Greeting from Mallorca! Jess and I have been blessed with an enthusiastic native Mallorquìn guide. We have seen twisting coastlines, mysterious caves, heavenly sunrises and sunsets, idyllic villages, historic castles and cathedrals. We´ve been exposed to a variety of local cuisine and confirmed that Jess is far more daring than I. We´ve been challenged with language and communication and feel tremendous gratitude for our generous and patient host. Today we exchanged money for the first time rather than relying on debit or atm and I found myself reconsidering my plans. The dollar continues to lose value. 1.67 – I walked out of the bank with almost half of what I walked in with. Should I reconsider my 2008 itinerary?

We´ve arrived! After almost 30 hours of traveling by car and plane and bus we landed at Hostal Goya off the Plaça Catalunya Tuesday night and restored ourselves. Our New Year consisted of first departing from SFO in a United Airlines sardine can packed full of a couple hundred travelers flying transcontinental. We were impressed with neither service nor amenities and actually experienced fellow travelers attempting to create smoking sections on the plane. The highlight of the trip was Roberto, a Basque who has lived in both Barcelona and Mallorca and who currently teaches at Davis and Sac State. He was an amassador of Spanish friendliness and enthusiasm and gave us numbers for family members just in case we needed anything. Depite my inital anxiety and claustrophobia, with Jesse´s presence a godsend, I survived my longest flight ever with only average discomfort. We landed in Frankfurt at a remote gate – meaning out on the tarmac – exited into the frigid cold and bussed to the terminals. Four hours, several lines later and a few new friends later, Swiss Air transported us to Zurich. Although reaching peak exhaustion, the Zurich airport was design heaven for Jessica, Swiss Air was uber-nice and efficient and we both agreed we would like to see more of Switzerland.

We collected our baggage promptly in Barcelona and bussed easily to Hostal Goya where we were immediately provided a warm and friendly atmosphere to restore ourselves. We have enjoyed long sleeps and short walks and are now prepared to navigate our way to Mallorca today by ferry…