“WE can always return to gather silence and space and sort the wounds, but one cannot live in the dark forever, lest she limit herself. It is an act of generosity to come out of your dark corners and shine. To do so invites others. It is time.

You want to solve world hunger? The deeper world hunger? The hunger of the soul, of which physical hunger is a reflection? Stone soup, my friends, stone soup. I’ve got celery, Dianne’s got carrots, Amy’s got lentils, Keely’s got miso, together we’ve got soup! The way to cure this universal, festering heart-wound is by sharing our resources, sharing ourselves. We have to know who we are and offer it! Do you really win if you’ve gotten to the top and you’re there alone while others perish? Aren’t we reaaly one body, each of us cells? One galaxy, each of us stars? And finally, isn’t learning and growing more important than being perfect? How long do you wait? Do you keep perfecting the soup while everyone’s starving? It’s time to serve it up. It’s hot. It’s good. It’s nutritious. It’s full of love. Let’s dine together!”

Excerpted from Meredith Heller 2004

Taken from We’Moon Yearly Planner 2008