Fall Equinox

“This is the harvest home festival, the ingathering time, when we bring in the crops, fill the woodshed and prepare for the cold. Now day and night are equal, and we turn our thoughts again to balance.

Fall Equinox is a time of evaluation. Did we plant enough of the right tings? Did we tend our crops well? Have we nurtured what will truly feed us? How do we preserve our harvest so it can continue to nourish us through hard times?

Above all, this is a time to give thanks, to offer gratitude for what we have, and to remember the balance of all the elements that sustain our lives. Gratitude to the earth, the living soil that grows our food, to the air we breathe, to the sun’s warm rays, to the life-giving rain and the flowing, cleansing waters. Gratitude toward our community, to our family and loved ones, and to all the families of beings that are linked in the web of life.

Gratitude is the counter to greed. If we neglect to say thanks for what we have, we feel eternally dissatisfied, and need more and more. When we are thankful for all we have been given, then we need very little in order to feel surrounded by abundance.

In a just world, everyone would have enough to sustain lives with room for beauty, pleasure, self-expression and love, to restore and regenerate natural systems that provide what we need. May balance be restored!”

~ Starhawk 2007 (We’Moon 2008 Calendar)