The new year is almost upon us… 2009!!! Do you find yourself mulling over the last year? What did you set out and create? What did you want to create for yourself and didn’t? With the holiday season stepping up full force many are grappling in particular with health and weight issues. Are you comfortable in your body? Are you taking good care of yourself? What could you do differently in 2009? Are you willing to establish new and healthy habits? What is one thing you could do starting today to take better care of yourself?

This link provides a variety of fun, easy tools to calculate healthy body weights, body mass (BMI), caloric intake and more… Check it out!

Keep me posted on affirmative New Year resolutions… not what you aren’t going to do… but rather… what ARE you going to do…

What do you want more of? What sort of experiences do you want to have in 2009? How do you want to feel? What habits do you want to have as a part of your daily life? What sort of conscious commmitments to your health and well-being are you willing to make for 2009?