Sweet Tender Love for Trader Joe’s

Thank you Trader Joe’s for supporting my single, small- kitchen habits… I appreciate having you near.

1. Vegetarian Tamales from the Fresh Food Section

2. Organic Tomato Bisque in a Can

3. Dried Tart Cherries

4. Home-Made Corn Tortillas

5. Pacific’s  Organic Original and Chocolate Almond Milk

6. Organic Micro-Greens

7. Lemon-Ginger-Echinea Juice Splashed into Water or Tea – Served Hot or Cold

8. Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

9. Peach Salsa

10. Organic Oatmeal Packets – Great for Travel

Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood? What are some of your favorite healthy products? Do you have particular items you buy and use consistantly? What are a few TJ’s treats you long for?