Why are you not looking after yourself better every day all day?

Listen. Listen to yourself.  Listen to others. Listen to your body.

Macrobiotics: A way of living with respect for the physical, biological, emotional, mental, ecological and spiritual order of our daily lives.

Strive to learn balance in all we do.

Complementary opposites.

Cravings: The body trying to create homeostasis.

How can you think more for yourself?




Where do I want to live so that my body and spirit thrive?

Give generously of yourself.

View everyone and everything with gratitude.

Live happily: Focus on what’s new and good.

Sing a happy song every day.

Develop a sense of humor.

Focus on what is right.

Be Patient.

Promote food literacy.

How can I influence food policy?

Love yourself enough to make yourself a priority.

What is new and good in your life?

What are you really hungry for?