Sweet, sweet sugar. The stuff of songs, and tenderness, pet names and food cravings. In present, also the stuff contributing to myiad health problems. What is your relationship with sugar? Do you eat it? Do you crave it? Could you not eat it for a day? A week? A month?

I’ve decided to play a little game… I am going to “break-up” from my relationship with sugar! However, I’m not a cold-turkey kinda girl. I tend to jump in and out of things more gradually. I’d like to create new patterns. This isn’t about force of will but rather creating a new lifestyle habit.

My plan is to experiment with a variety of time-frames. First a day. How does that feel? Then a week. A month? Can you ween yourself off this sweet, sweet substance? How would that feel? Have you done it before?

Would you like to join me? The no sweets-no sugar support group? ;D