How do you care for yourself?

“Self-care is essential to survival, it is essential as the basis for healthy, authentic relationships, it is essential if we honestly want to nurture the people we care about. Self-care is not selfish or self-indulgent. We cannot nuture others from a dry well. We need to take care of our own needs first, then we can give from our surplus, our abundance. When we nurture others from a place of fullness, we feel renewed instead of taken advantage of. And they feel renewed too, instead of guilty. We have something precious to give others when we have been conforting and caring for ourselves and building up self-love.”

Jennifer Louden The Women’s Comfort Book

Why are you not looking after yourself better every day all day?

Listen. Listen to yourself.  Listen to others. Listen to your body.

Macrobiotics: A way of living with respect for the physical, biological, emotional, mental, ecological and spiritual order of our daily lives.

Strive to learn balance in all we do.

Complementary opposites.

Cravings: The body trying to create homeostasis.

How can you think more for yourself?




Where do I want to live so that my body and spirit thrive?

Give generously of yourself.

View everyone and everything with gratitude.

Live happily: Focus on what’s new and good.

Sing a happy song every day.

Develop a sense of humor.

Focus on what is right.

Be Patient.

Promote food literacy.

How can I influence food policy?

Love yourself enough to make yourself a priority.

What is new and good in your life?

What are you really hungry for?

What have you committed to for 2009? Have you created a structure such that you will be held accountable for doing what you said you want to do?

It’s common for people to begin a New Year with health resolutions and to set goals for themselves. It’s just as common for people to fall off the wagon and not follow through…

I have committed to two major and exciting goals for the beginning of 2009.

First and foremost I am thrilling to be a part of another life transforming training. By the end of July 2009 I will be a Health Counselor certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Have you ever heard of it? They train hundreds of people every year in health, nutrition and lifestyle management. It entails 7 months of study and ten weekend visits to New York City. I see it as a personal and professional adventure.  I intend to UP my sophistication factor, learn how to travel with ease and confidence, visit and stay with a multitude of people in New York, improve my health habits, and continue to design a lifestyle based upon my dreams.

My second goal that I just spontaneously committed to is to run my second marathon. I ran the Big Sur Marathon in 2001. On May 31st, 2009 I will run San Diego’s Rock N’ Roll marathon. Already this has been one of those BIG commitments that feels SO good. I feel energized and excited to plan and work toward such a positive and motivating event.

What is one big goal you could commit to this year?  What excites and inspires your passion and makes you feel alive? How can you make this the best year of your life?

“He that cannot ask cannot live.”

~ Old Proverb

Inquiring minds would like to know… Do you question life? Do you question others? Do you question yourself? Are you willing to consider these questions?

What are you grateful for?

What are you afraid of?

What can you do to face one of your fears right now? Today?

What is one new thing you would like to do?

What are your greatest qualities?

How can you make someone else’s day a little brighter?

What are your life goals?

How can yesterday’s problems be today’s motivations?

Are you making the most of your one wild and precious life?

What is the craziest thing you want to do?

Who/What has had the greatest impact on your life?

What do you really want to be doing?

Who do you want to be with?

What inspires your passion?

What is missing in your life?

Are you willing to take risks?

Who do you love?

What do you love?

How can you be a better listener?

Do you surround yourself with good and like-minded people?

Do you listen to your heart?

Please add to the list!!! What is a favorite question of yours? What do you regularly ask yourself or want to know of others?

“A man is what he thinks all day long.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

…this post was inspired by

Moments of Choice

Debbie Ford, author, motivational speaker, life coach and founder of Integrative Life Coaching promotes the power and impact of choice. Everyday we make infinite small and numerous larger choices. She suggests that the quality of our choices dictates our future and that our future is determined by the choices we are making right now.

How do you make choices? Do you operate on autopilot or do you exercise conscious choice? Do you choose by not choosing? Or let others choose for you?

These ten questions come from Ford’s book The Right Questions: Ten Essential Questions to Guide you to an Extraordinary Life. They offer support and structure for conscious decision making.

The Right Questions

1. Will This Choice Propel Me Toward an Inspiring Future or Will it Keep Me Stuck in the Past?

2. Will This Choice Bring Me Long-Term Fulfillment or Will it Bring Me Short-Term Gratification?

3. Am I Standing in My Power or Am I Trying to Please Another?

4. Am I Looking for What is Right or Am I Looking for What is Wrong?

5. Will This Choice Add to My Life Force or Will it Rob Me of My Energy?

6. Will I Use This Situation as a Catalyst to Grow and Evolve or Will I Use It to Beat Myself Up?

7. Does This Choice Empower Me or Does it Disempower Me?

8. Is This an Act of Self-Love or Is it an Act of Self-Sabotage?

9. Is This an Act of Faith or is it an Act of Fear?

10. Am I Choosing from My Divinity or Am I Choosing From my Humanity?

What might be available to you if you were to utilize these questions in your life?

Have you ever heard of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition? I’m enrolled – January through July 2009!!! Certificate – Health Counselor. More learning, connection, personal exploration, and professional development. New York City! What sort of magical happenings will unfold through this next endeavor?

What happens when you say yes to your dreams?

Each day… Every moment… We have choice…

Do you believe that?

Do you choose consciously with awareness or unconsciously by default?

Do you believe your present reality is based upon choices you made in the past? Do you realize your future will be determined by choices you are making right now?

What is your relationship with your choices and actions?

Are you willing to take responsibility for your quality of life?

How can you make more conscious choices today?

These are not my fabulous words. They belong to Alex Beauchamp.

However, at the risk of inappropriate borrowing of ematerial I feel compelled to share them. They are simple and brilliant and deserve to maintain their integrity – check out or to view the complete blog. I would love to post this excerpt in big bold font on my wall. Brilliant!!!

Please go out there and do.” she says. “Live. Don’t be the same as yesterday. Don’t live vicariously online. Don’t use language that has no meaning or talk ideas you don’t really live. Don’t hide. Don’t copy others or live their ideas or life. Don’t fear doing your thing. Don’t fear doing. Instead of reading a decorating magazine, paint that room. Instead of thinking of baking, do up a cake. Run, walk, bike. Put that self help book down and pick up yourself.

Let go of the snark, your worries, your anger and fear and give into possibility, ation, joy and life. Do. Do some more. Stop thinking about you. Stop blogging about just you and your kid and your pet. There’s a world out there to connect to, really connect to and email doesn’t count. Being of use is more important than being popular. Think about the lady down the street, the person at the drive through, the man fallen in the street, about politics, the environment, healthcare, another country and then do something about it. Never stop at thinking.

Dream big, work harder. Have lots of fun, lift a finger, do something for someone else. Cheer your friends on. Cheer yourself up. Celebrate as much as possible. Enjoy everything. Right now. It’s OK to want more and do more but be present with where you are or who you are with. Don’t rush the situation – even if it’s bad. Move on when you can. Don’t settle. Try everything you can and get over everything holding you back.

Go outside. Go outside yourself. Make a difference, make some change. Don’t complain about someone unless you’re talking to that someone. Don’t complain about a situation you’re not willing to make better. They don’t have it better and you don’t have it worse. Don’t make excuses. You’ll never see possibility if you do. And you’re smart and worth more than settling for a life of complaining and limitation.

Hope. Hope more. Give someone else hope. Get healthy and contribute to a healthy environment. Think about everything you do, you buy, you say. Only be lazy on Sunday and even then, be conscious. Rest is useful, giving up is not.

Live with a light heart. Play more. Remember what it’s like to be seven. Remember to listen to a seven year old because you just have more words and life experience, not necessarily more wisdom. Have more questions than answers and don’t put everything into words. Sometimes just feel things and be. Be quiet more often, listen harder, talk exactly as you mean to.

Strive for your best and not what you think someone elses’ best is. Follow through. Don’t let others’ down. Don’t let yourself down. You are better than your circumstances. Ask for what you’re worth. Make magic happen don’t wish for it. Don’t envy others’ lives, envy yours. Live it fully. Teach by example how to live well, how to be treated, how to be kind, how to be alive.

Do. I can’t stress that one enough. Take action on your life. Make the change. No more sulking, waiting, thinking, reading, talking about. It’s time. You’re ready.”

Thank you Alex Beauchamp. It is with the highest respect and delight that I share your work here. Your blogs, your lifestyle, your photography, your championing of creativity and women – inspire me to step up and out, to be and do more. Thank you!