Spring is here and the world is glorious – green and soft!!!

What do you love most about this time of year?

One, among many, many reasons I love this time of year, is that I find it far easier to eat vegetables in Spring and Summer. Mother Earth is thrusting greenery at us from every direction. It is fresh and luscious – draped across mountainsides, piling out of carts at the Farmer’s Market and filling our crispers at home.

This afternoon with not much available on my refrigerator shelves, I steamed up a head of broccoli. I mixed together a little flax oil and hummus and drizzled it around. I added a sprinkle of gomasio (sesame seeds, sea salt and sea weed).

How easy is that?! Fun! Fresh! And delicious!!!

Head of Broccoli

Flax Oil and Hummus to taste

Sprinkle of Gomasio (Can be found at Whole Foods or most health food stores)

Tell me again how you don’t have time or it’s too expensive to eat well?


Sweet Tender Love for Trader Joe’s

Thank you Trader Joe’s for supporting my single, small- kitchen habits… I appreciate having you near.

1. Vegetarian Tamales from the Fresh Food Section

2. Organic Tomato Bisque in a Can

3. Dried Tart Cherries

4. Home-Made Corn Tortillas

5. Pacific’s  Organic Original and Chocolate Almond Milk

6. Organic Micro-Greens

7. Lemon-Ginger-Echinea Juice Splashed into Water or Tea – Served Hot or Cold

8. Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

9. Peach Salsa

10. Organic Oatmeal Packets – Great for Travel

Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood? What are some of your favorite healthy products? Do you have particular items you buy and use consistantly? What are a few TJ’s treats you long for?